our roots

The Coffee Guys, Chris and Eric, started out as friends and became business partners. Chris grew up in Long Island, NY and Eric in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA.  The journey of their meeting was filled with many strange twists and turns, but they both ended up in Las Vegas, NV where they worked together at one of the large casinos. Eventually they decided to move to the Bay Area and create a business. 


Their first venture was a little bagel shop called Bagel Guys located in San Jose, California. Their vision was to bring high quality, fresh cooked food along with top notch customer service to bagel lovers in the bay area. As the business grew they noticed that there was also a need for the same kind of quality and service in the coffee industry so they decided to create Coffee Guys.


In an effort to produce the highest quality coffee beverages, Coffee Guys partnered with Verve Coffee Roasters of Santa Cruz, CA to provide them with the some of the highest quality beans on the market.